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SuperBowl Commercials

SUPERBOWL STREAKER IDENTIFIED: GoldenPalace.com the culprits once again.

It looks as though the gambling web-site GoldenPalace.com has done it again. A streaker appeared on the SuperBowl field this sunday, wearing the inappropriate, but wholly hilarous phrase 'Super Bowel' printed on his back, along with the name of popular gambling web-site GoldenPalace.com - Needless to say the streaker didn't last long, in fact, he was tackled, flattened in fact, by Patriots linebacker Matt Chatham while he trotted. Apparently, though the networks refused to show him for even a moment, he jumped onto the field in a ref's outfit, then quickly shed his clothes and ran to the middle of the field. 1.6 million dollars in security can't stop Mark Francis, the world famous streaker. Why he was allowed in the stadium at all is beyond me.

Golden Palace has coverage here: www.goldenpalace.com/events/superbowl

The Star Telegram has an article on how the streaker exposed security flaws at the event: Security flaws exposed by streaker

During the 1984 SuperBowl, Apple Computer launched the Macintosh with an ad that many advertising aficionados consider to be the best ever created. Since that time, daring companies have viewed the SuperBowl as the perfect venue at which to launch an "impact" product or service.
SuperBowl commercials have become an entity unto themselves. Well known as the prime spot for maximum reach broadcast advertisements, to millions of people, the commercials are half the fun of watching the SuperBowl! Millions upon millions of dollars are spent by companies to promote their product during this great sporting event. They spare no cost to make their commercials as memorable as possible.

A Few SuperBowl Commercial Facts
Sixty-nine SuperBowl commercials were aired during the 2001 game. Each 30-second ad cost $2 million just for airtime, who knows what production costs were. Of these 69 commercials, just 17 were captioned for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. That means that 52 commercials were not accessible to millions of people around the world. After spending millions of dollars to produce and air their ads, 52 companies chose not to spend a couple of hundred more to caption them. Last year is also known for its lack of branding. While almost everyone remembers a commercial with a cowboy herding cats across the American badlands, almost nobody could tell you what they were advertising, or even who the company was! This was of course in part due to so many dot-coms who didn't necessarily have a product to advertise in the first place trying to get their name out there, but forgetting the bit about their name. This year's SuperBowl commercials will be a bit of a reversion back to the big names and players. Expect to see a lot of familiar brand names, a lot of celebrity faces, and chances are, a lot of heavy branding.

SuperBowl Commercials
Well the SuperBowl is done for another year. Not only is the game a one day event but most of the commercials only get played on that one day. Luckily for us the Internet allows us to view the SuperBowl ads whenever we want.
Head on over to Google Video to watch all the SuperBowl XL ads.

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