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Super Bowl 2006
With the Super Bowl just days away I am left wondering if we will see a repeat of a special performance from a few years ago. Although it didn't make the air during the telecast it certainly made news when streaker Mark Roberts ran on the field of Super Bowl XXXVIII with nothing more than a little football on. With the Wardrobe Malfunction all but forgotten will Mark make a visit to Super Bowl XL? I guess we'll just have to watch to find out.

To see Mark Roberts at Super bowl use this link: Superbowl Streaker

SuperBowl 2005
Although off to a slow start the Pats pulled their game together and were able to become the second team to win three Superbowls in four years (the other team being the Dallas Cowboys). The Pats fans have to send a big thank you to the defensive squad who caused 4 interceptions and shut down the Eagles offensive when it was critical. Here are the results folks:

New England Patriots - 24
Philadelphia Eagles     - 21

SuperBowl half time performance

Well unlike the previous years fiasco with Janet Jackson the NFL wasn't taking any chances this year. The NFL clamped down on the half-time show and took control of every aspect. MTV was kicked out as the producers, Paul McCartney had every second of his 12 minute performance scrutinized and every costume and dance move was approved before they would ever hit the field.
The NFL felt it had to do everything it could to recover it's brand and reputation after the "wardrobe malfunction" of Superbowl XXXVIII.
Although it may not have generated as much press as Superbowl XXXVIII, Superbowl XXXIX proved that it is possible to bring back what the NFL calls "family entertainment" if you really want. With SuperBowl XL only a year away the NFL wanted XXXIX to be clean and scandal free and that is exactly what they got.

Welcome to SuperBowl-Info
Welcome to SuperBowl-Info.com, the best place to start in your search for Superbowl XL (thats superbowl 40 to you non latin speakers) information and so much more. As we have done for the past couple years, our website will cover a wide range of related topics, from information on the upcoming big game, to the history of the competition from the beginning. If you're doing a little historical research, we list all of the previous winners and losers, and some statistics to boot! Beyond that, we touch on everything that relates to the SuperBowl, from the commercials, to wagering, to tickets, to Detroit! If you know of any related event or topic that we are not currently covering, and we'll consider it for inclusion.

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SuperBowl 2005 Commercials
The NFL didn't limit it's control of the Superbowl to just the half-time show. The NFL screened every commercial before it aired and refused to have any commercial that could cause any controversy. There were some funny commercials and some heart felt commercials appealing for help for victims of the tsunami.
As always look for commercials trying to recreate the appeal and longevity of the classic Apple 1984 commercial.

SuperBowl 2006 Tidbits

  • Super Bowl XL will take place on February 5, 2006 in Detroit, Michigan and will be aired live on the ABC network
  • With only the confrence championship between the favoured Carolina Panthers and the Superbowl it will be interesting to see if they can get by the Seahawks and prove the book makers right.
  • SuperBowl XL is expected to have an Extra Large impact on Detroit and the surrounding area. An estimated 100,000+ out-of-towners are expected for the event, which will include three days of activities immediately preceding the day of the game. Thousands and thousands of volunteers will also be needed to help with the many planned activities.

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